River Graze, food fun for days.

On the weekend, I, along with many other food lovers, went to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s ‘River Graze’ event.

On offer at River Graze were a variety of free and ticketed events, including Buzz on the Yarra, Fed in French, Food Truck Stop, Little Foodies and Southgate Cider Orchard.

The Festival’s opening weekend featured winemakers, chefs, food trucks and live musicians.


‘Over a kilometre of the Yarra Promenade will be transformed into a culinary playground for both big and little foodies alike, with food, drink and entertainment for all taste buds,” the website writes.

How could anyone deny themselves a culinary playground? I for sure wasn’t about to.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a ‘foodie’. I know that my exquisite taste in spaghetti bolognese and cheese toasties makes that hard to believe, but take my word for it.

When we arrived at the Festival, lined up before us were a row of marquees as far as the eye could see.

From Mexican to Italian, Greek to Korean, Malaysian to Spanish; did I get lost and accidentally stumble into ‘foodie’ heaven?


We decided to all choose different cuisines. My sister went for Malaysian, I chose Greek and my mum, well, what would you call pork crackling with chilli caramel? Let’s go for fusion.

My meal consisted of lamb from the spit, pita bread and tzatziki.

Having a Greek background, I momentarily worried that my judgement would be biased, but when I bit into the juicy, tender meat, my fears subsided. How could any person, Greek or not, not enjoy this?

The meat was lightly smoked, after having been cooked over the charcoals for so long. The pita bread was crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And the tzatzki, well the tzatziki, let’s just say I might have cried of joy a little bit.


My sister ended up going for skewers: chicken and beef. Judging by her reaction, and the speed at which she devoured them, I can safely assume they were good.

I did manage to steal a chicken skewer of hers, one which had a mildly spicy satay sauce drizzled on top.

The chicken was so soft and full of flavour. Bursts of garlic and a delightful mixture of sweet and spicy from the satay sauce made for a winning combination.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a fantastic day out for families and friends of all ages and cultures.

The Festival runs from 31 March – 9 April.

Tickets and event information available at www.melbournefoodandwine.com.au

Did you attend any events at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival? Tell us about your experience below.  


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