Practice of Journalism: Interviewing students at Monash University

Name: Emily Park

Studying: 2nd Year Journalism student

Question: Are you concerned about personal safety on campus?


On campus construction is causing students to feel unsafe at university, according to Journalism student Emily Park.

“You never know what’s going to fall,” Ms Park said.

“It’s loud, noisy, it feels very close.”

Monash University’s Caulfield Campus is currently undergoing extensive construction to their library, which the university’s website claims will be completed in April of 2017.

The project’s anticipated completion date, however, is not being believed by all students.

“I believe I will complete my degree without ever going in to the new library,” Ms Park said.

“I’ve lost faith in the school, this is my last year.”

The library refurbishment plans to provide an in-house café, improve navigation throughout the building and create state-of-the art teaching spaces.

The current condition of the library speaks otherwise. With fenced off areas, continuous drilling and heavy duty cranes surrounding passing students, it is making some students feel unsafe.

“Every time I walk on the bridge, I don’t know how dangerous it is,” said Ms Park.

“It’s threatening.”



Name: Ray Toole

Studying: 2nd Year Business student

Question: Do O-Week activities for first-year students overly stress alcohol and sex?


Offering expensive tickets with free alcohol for events during O-Week is causing a ‘break even’ culture amongst students, according to Business student Ray Toole.

“Some don’t, but most uni parties and balls offer free alcohol,” Mr Toole said.

“If I’ve paid good money for a ticket, I feel like I have to get my money’s worth.”

The events include the Booze Bus, Booze Bruise and other themed party nights.

Attending O-Week celebrations are a common part of university life. Not all students, however, choose to take part in these events.

“I never really went to any after my first year. I didn’t get the vibe,” said Mr Toole.

The promoting of sex culture is also evident at Monash University.

University magazines like ‘Esperanto’, who annually feature a ‘Sex Issue’ which comes with a free condom, could be targeting themselves towards impressionable first-years.

“At least they’re promoting safe sex, but sex nonetheless,” Mr Toole said.


Do you agree with Emily and Ray? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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