Film Review: ‘The Family I Had’

On the fourth day of February 2007, thirteen-year-old Paris Lee Bennett violently stabbed his four-year-old sister, Ella, to death. The trauma and overwhelming pain his mother and family experienced following that momentous day, is documented in this true crime film by Katie Green and Carlye Rubin, featured at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival. Complex [...]


#DonutFest2017, one bite closer to a heart attack?

As hundreds gathered at the weekend in Coburg North to celebrate the Donut Festival, it was clear Australia’s burgeoning obesity epidemic wasn’t on anyone’s mind. With 63.4% of all Australians being overweight or obese, should events like the Donut Festival, which celebrate and encourage eating unhealthy foods, like donuts, still exist?   The Donut Festival [...]

Spinning out of control: are fidget spinners a good or bad idea in the classroom?

They are the new toy craze hitting schools everywhere, but are these tri-pronged spinning devices a good idea in classrooms? The fidget spinner is taking the toy world by storm, currently occupying the top spot on Amazon’s best seller list. Fidget spinners are small, hand held devices which have proven popular amongst school-aged children. They [...]

Mother’s Day Classic 2017 paints Melbourne pink

A sea of pink flowed through city streets on Sunday, with the annual Mother’s Day Classic fun run or walk being held at Melbourne’s famous ‘Tan’ running track. Thousands of women and men took part, joining their sisters, wives, mothers, daughters and friends, to help raise funds for breast cancer research. Crowds participated in free [...]

Victoria’s first vertical school coming soon to Melbourne.

Melbourne-based architecture firm, Hayball, is set to build “Victoria’s first vertical school”. South Melbourne Primary School will be five storeys tall and have no formal classrooms for its prospective 525 students to learn in. The building’s sustainable design will incorporate a number of energy efficient elements which aim to reduce its environmental footprint. North-facing windows [...]

YOUTH WEEK: Median house prices making homelessness a potential reality for young people

Melbourne’s rising median house prices have made owning a home impossible for many young Australians and homelessness a potential reality. Youth Homelessness Matters Day will be held on April 5, raising awareness and supporting young Australians who experience or are at risk of homelessness. The combination of low youth allowance payments, rising rent and a [...]